FlashProg – USB serial flash memory programmer


Dilshan Jayakody  published a new build, the FlashProg project – a USB serial flash memory programmer:

FlashProg is USB base flash memory programmer to work with 3.3V serial flash memory devices. This programmer is specifically design to read, program and configure 25x series, serial flash memory devices which are commonly used to store BIOS in PC mainboards.
Originally we design this project to read and program BIOS of Foxconn G31MXP mainboard. Our version of G31MXP contains Macronix MX25L8005 8M-Bit serial flash memory and we use this programmer to load some of our custom BIOS to this serial memory.

All source codes, design files are available at flashprog.sourceforge.net site.

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    1. I think a more advanced user should just use some kind of bus pirate thingy. This is just a very lite version of bus pirate. Easy to set up and easy to put away — that’s what I want. Pity this is another of his presented projects in breadboard stage…
      If my electronics work area is like Jim William’s desk, then I’d go for a robust and simple bus pirate-type board rather than an SBC. A board made with a basic USB 8-bit MCU is very cheap compared to an rpi or bbone. No need to go for a >=2A power supply too. Or booting up and shutting down a separate computer. An MCU is better when critical timings are needed.
      This kind of thing is fine for people who aren’t into rpi and bbone.

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