A real-time table tennis score keeper


A real-time automatic table tennis score keeper by Pol, Frank, and Taylor from Cornell University, built as a final project:

The primary goal of this project is to use digital signal processing on a video feed to track a ping-pong ball in a game of table tennis. We propose that by tracking the movement of a ball, a processing system is able to maintain the state of the game, and determine the score in real time with no direct user input. This allows players to focus on their performance, without breaking the flow of the game to recall the score, or determine who should be serving.
The system that we have designed uses this type of ball tracking and understanding of gamestate, and superimposes the score of the game on top of a video stream of the game in action, so players can easily see it while playing. Additionally, it provides an indication to players of who should be serving, and provides audio feedback for certain states of gameplay– such as scoring or serving– to provide an augmented table tennis experience.

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Check out the video after the break.

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