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  1. Ya that was a waste of 5 minutes of my time. Cobbling stuff together isn’t fancy engineering !

  2. I’m guessing that you could have those boards made in China and DHL’d them overnight for about a third of that cost. I knew Pentalogix would be fairly outrageous, but that exceeded my most negative expectations.

    Other than that, it was a fairly representative video of all of the steps, if one has never seen it run through before. I guess if I were trying to set a land speed record for hand-soldering with solid core solder, my board would look like that. Pro-amateur tip, use smaller diameter solder for SMT soldering and forego all of the jellybeans

    That and the PCB cost were the only parts that I thought were that difficult to stomach. For a project like this, 99% of us would choose to pay 1/6 of that and wait the extra week.

    All in all, not a terrible overview video if one hasn’t seen all of this done before, by all means.

  3. Quick! Someone pass the hat around so we can buy Ben a many-hands tool!!! :-) :-p
    Remember folks, it’s a Farnell sales vid.
    If I buy PIC32s, I’m already a >=PicKit3 user and I can make a learning board with a stripboard and a PIC32 that is SPDIP28 in a couple of hours.

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