App note: MSP432 platform porting guide


Here’s a MSP432 platform porting guide from TI, app note here (PDF!):

The goals for this porting guide is to help developers accurately assess the effort to port an existing application from one MSP platform to another, ultimately to derive a porting strategy with complete hardware and software coverage that properly ports the existing application without introducing bugs due to platform differences yet taking advantages of the unique features or performance improvements introduced in the new platform.
This application report highlights the similarities between the two MSP platforms as well as helps readers realize the new and improved features available on the MSP432™ platform. Both topics will be proven crucial to determine the scope and effort to port the application from one platform to another. The compare and contrast exercise is broken down into different categories ranging from device hardware to software, and across different components (core, system, peripherals, and so on) from the system-level perspective.

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  1. Porting between TI piccolo series would also be nice… or even from a piccolo to an msp430!

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