10×5 RGB LED Matrix with only 5 IO pins


Here’s an instructable on LED Matrix with custom code/software by Ole_L:

This is the software which you need:
Flash the software to your Arduino and open the processing project with… Processing! Now you should change the line “String portName = “/dev/ttyACM~”;” to your Serial port, on WINDOWS “String portName = “COM~”;”

Via the contact form.  Thanks Jan!

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. Why not do it with one pin? Much easier. There is no benefit of driving 5 strips with 10 leds in parallel. The protocol is fast enough to update 5×10 leds serially.

  2. If it’s WS2812 couldn’t it be done with one pin? Seems like a waste of four good pins.

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