GPS based car locator


A GPS based car locator by msuzuki777, an instructable here:

The GPS continuously reads the latitude and longitude of the CarTracker. When the button is pressed, the coordinates are saved to the EEPROM. E.g., this would be the location of your car. Now, let’s say you walk out of a store and are looking for your car. Power up the CarTracker. Do not push button. The GPS will read the coordinates of the store and will calculate distance and direction from there to the stored location (of the car). The compass will orient the display so the display will point to the car and will display the distance.

Via Embedded Lab.

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  1. Vey interesting, I have an idea to use something similar to alert me to nearby EPIRB transmissions. Using a SI4463 as receiver, and only switching on the micro when a transmission has been received. As the message is transmitted many times the only power drain is the receiver. GPS to indicate direction and distance to EPIRB.

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