Arduino decision box BE (Attiny85)


nqtronix wrote this instructable detailing the build of his Arduino Decision ‘Box’ BE (Breadboard edition):

Pleace notice: This project neither contains a box nor any Arduino* code.
I stuck with this name because this project is a modifictaion of Victor8o5’s “Arduino decision box 2.0 (Attiny85)” posted three days ago. I liked the way it looks and works, but I also knew there’s still room for improvements within the code, especially to reduce power consumption. I had some spare time so I thought I’d give it a go!
And this is the result, the “‘Ardiono’ Decision ‘Box’ BE (Breadboard Edition)”. It’s not nearly as fancy as the original version (or version 2.0), but it’s enough to get a platform to optimize the code. So if you’re serious about this project, head over to Victor8o5 for his version, my code is fully pin-compatible and thus exchangeable. This project took me no longer than three days from idea to finished instructable, so please be aware that minor bugs may still exist.

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