Open source binary wristwatch


Jordan aka njneer made this cool binary watch project, that is available at Github:

I’m pretty proud of this project; the clasp is a ribbon cable that doubles as the programming interface for the PIC microcontroller that drives everything. The time is displayed with superbright LEDs that are blinding at 15 mA, which means that I’m able to limit the power consumption considerably while still achieving a very readable display. The watch is powered by the (ever so common and useful) CR2032 lithium coin cell, which gives it an estimated battery life of 3 months depending on usage patterns (still doing research and testing on the average for this… 2 months in and I’m still running on my first battery : )

Project info at njneer site.

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. It’s cool , it’s the right way to go, i love this e-babe!!!.
    Suppose this gizmo is made available on demand ? . Guess what! Visionarize several thousands in dispatch a day. What an achivement and a plus in job creation .well done an keep it up.

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