ProtoQube – PQ60 PocketQube Breakout board


ProtoQube, a PocketQube PQ60 breakout and prototyping board by Ozqube:

The ProtoQube board is a full breakout of the PQ60 PocketQube standard connector, combined with a small .1″(2.54mm) pitch prototyping area. The 20 breakout contacts on each side are .05″ (1.27mm) pitch. The board itself is 42x42mm. This board doesn’t just have to be used for a satellite. The PQ60 form factor is small enough to be used in a variety of projects, such as High Altitude Ballooning (HAB) or Sensor networks. Another benefit of using this breakout board is that you don’t have to use the expensive backplane connector specified in the standard in order to make something the size of a PocketQube. You can stack multiple boards together using 20 pin through hole headers.

More information on Ozqube’s blog page.

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