3DRacers, a 3D printed indoor racing game based on Arduino


3DRacers, the open source 3D printed racing game that you control with a smartphone:

3DRacers are 3D printed race cars that you can customize for free with their online editor. Once you have downloaded and printed your design, the electronics are a snap. The 3DRacer team has created an Arduino compatible control board that fits into your racer, allowing it to be driven with your smart phone using the on board BTLE radio. In the future, your 3DRacers will need to make pit stops for virtual tire changes and fuel ups as additional features are added to the control apps. You’ll also be able to upload your racing stats and prowess to the web, tracking lap counts and race times.

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  1. Cute, but given the current state of 3d printing and cost-time-effort consideration, how many of these setups will there actually be worldwide?

  2. There is a gimmick there, the current editor on their website gives files to print solid cars, not the ones to house the motors and the circuits….

    I was a bit disappointed but still printed it any way…

    the car took like 4+ hours on my prusa i3, even when I printed everything in single color… add more time for multi-colored parts….

    still, am excited for the crowdfunding which starts on Monday… (Y)

    1. The design with the motor and the board will be released after the launch of the crowdfunding campaign!
      For people from northern Italy, we are going to host an event this Sunday at 16PM at our makerspace (www.spazioyatta.it), there will be the streaming of the “official launch”, and two working 3Dracers prototypes to play with ;-)

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