Flir Lepton thermal imaging sensor + gameduino 2

Posted on Friday, January 16th, 2015 in hacks, sensors by DP


Andrew Rossignol of The Resistor Network writes:

I have successfully implemented a driver for the Lepton module and displayed frames on an LCD. This is all running on an STM32F4 processor on a Nucleo board. Attached to it is a Gameduino 2 which incorporates the FT800 graphics processor. I have implemented my own colorization and min/max scaling before uploading the frames to the GPU.
I have used some simple jumper wires to interface with this camera. This setup is running at 21MHz with no issues. I am using a breakout board provided by Pure Engineering. You can pick up one from Tindie if you are interested. The Lepton module can be ripped out the Flir One iPhone accessory for now.
I wrote my own driver for the Lepton core and the FT800 graphics processor.

For more details visit¬†Andrew’s website.

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