Cheap USB LiPo charger notes


Jim writes:

Since I use a variety of cells, I wanted to be able to charge at Chip2014under 1A. Most such charge controllers have a single resistor that programs the bulk charge current, so I looked for the datasheet to find what values I’d need for the charge currents I wanted. The chip is marked 4056ES, and there are charge controllers with that number – but they don’t match this package layout. The Ebay ad was titled “5V Mini USB 1A Lithium Battery Charging Lipo Charger Module for Arduino A866″, but I couldn’t find anything under A866, either. It says RD084DY002 on the back, but that’s not helpful either. Rats. (But see update!)


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    1. Yeah, they have already figured it out on the author’s page. Wasn’t hard…
      IMPORTANT THOUGH it may be a clone of the TP4056, see comments on the author’s page.

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