Reverse engineering a Verisure wireless alarm

Here’s an informative two-part series of posts over at FunOverIP detailing how to reverse engineer a Verisure wireless alarm.

Part 1 details the beginning steps such as finding the modules radio frequency and modulation type, analyzing the chipset datasheet and using GNU Radio. Part 2 covers more complex topics including firmware extraction from an alarm module and analysis of crypto keys.

Good coverage of an interesting use of SDR and related tools.

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  1. I’d love to get into SDR, but all the different hardware and software makes it a bit difficult to get started on..

    Anyone know what the difference between the HackRF, AIRSPY , PortableSDR(PSDR), RTL2832U dongles (R820T/E4000), Myriad RF / Novena, etc?

    Do they all support the same software (SDR#) or are there different software choices based on the hardware platform?

    I’d like to capture my rf remote light switch and mimic the signal using a modified beagle bone! I still have a lot to learn*, as I’m wondering what else is possible with an sdr dongle… listening to am/fm radio?

    1. I’m sure there are tons of good sites that can tell you lots about SDR (maybe try Wikipedia for a start), but I do know of a number of articles in the Australian publication Silicon Chip magazine over 2013 and 2014 and they might be a good starting place too. You do need to either buy the print copy or pay for the article on-line, but you can get a preview with many articles.

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