Ambulance drone, a flying toolbox containing emergency supplies for life support

The Ambulance Drone project- a flying defibrillator created by Alec Momont from Technical University of Delft, built as a Master thesis research project.  It aims to help save a life:

The first minutes after an accident are critical and essential to provide the right care to prevent escalation. Speeding up emergency response can prevent deaths and accelerate recovery dramatically. This is notably true for heart failure, drowning, traumas and respiratory issues. Lifesaving technologies such as an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), medication, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) aids can be designed compact enough to be carried by a drone.   For the Ambulance Drone, a new type of frame was developed that is a compact flying toolbox containing essential supplies for (lay-person) advanced life support.

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  1. Drones to rescue people lost in the snow (or an avalanche):
    Basic Elevated Reconnaisance Navigation, Assisted Recovery Drones?

    At least the traditional BERNARD (dog) carried a barrel of brandy…

  2. “defibrillation to any patient in a 12 km2 area within 1 minute”

    12 sq km equal ~2km radius.

    2km per minutes = 120kmph (75 mi/h). Really ?

    1. If you would care to look further, the drone currently flies with 100Kmph, and they are working at even higher speeds.

      1. You know what ? I did take care to look prior posting.

        Most drone fly at 40-50 and some built for speed that didn’t carry payload are in the range of 80-100. 120 with a payload sound allot. But that sound beautifully and might get a good kickstater campaign.

    2. Drones don’t have to wait for stop lights or traffic so there is no deceleration and accelerating. That is why flying is much faster than driving.

      A regular pilot looks out for other aircraft but a drone should have collision avoidance or we will have some mishaps in the air. It isn’t wise to fly blind in the air.

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