RUFS, an open source Arduino based robotic farm

Posted on Friday, November 14th, 2014 in DIY, robotics by DP


Paul Langdon over at BLT Robotics wrote in to let us know about a cool open source project the vertical hydroponic farm, an instructables here:

We call our project RUFS, for Robotic Urban Farm System

  • A vertical hydroponic garden
    -Allowing for high density yields and shorter growth cycles
    -Reducing resource consumption – water, fertilizer and space
    -Labor saving – no weeds or soil to till
    -Higher consistency of crops with great tasting results
  • Maintained by micro-controllers (Raspberry Pi & Arduino)
    -Watering cycles – monitor and auto refill levels
    -Plant nutrients and pH – monitor and correct
    Temperature monitoring
    -Air Circulation & Lighting controls (for indoor operation)
  • Smart and Connected
    -Farm Controller App for smartphone, tablet and pc
    -Get notified when the system needs a refill
    -Alerts when something isn’t running as expected

Via the contact form.

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  1. Steve LaRosa says:

    I know this article is fairly old, so I’m hoping I can get a response. I’m building an indoor aquaponic farm, and was wondering is this system would also work for that as well, or if it can only be used on a hydroponic system.

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