ESP8266 posible breadboard interface


Soynerdito has been working on a small hardware adapter for ESP8266-WIFI Uart module:

Idea is to provide a small board to allow connecting the ESP8266 ver ESP02 to a breadboard. It is kept small so the price is cheap. A small batch was ordered to oshpark and waiting for order to arrive to see if the idea works.

  • Allow input of 5V
  • Exposes 3.3V regulated
  • Level shifter for RX and TX signals (can be connected directly to Arduino)
  • Breadboard friendly pinout
  • Minu usb connector on the bottom (for 5v power input only)

Project files available on Github.

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  1. Soynerdito, please work fast and work hard. We really need a breadboard solution. Thanks for your efforts.

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