Mooltipass, an open source offline password keeper


Password keeper for all platforms and devices on Indiegogo, the Mooltipass:

The Mooltipass is an open source offline password keeper, a project that started a little less than a year ago.

Dozens of contributors from all over the globe got together to work on this device that offers significant advantages over closed or software based password keepers:
– Better security: Mooltipass emulates a standard keyboard and types your passwords for you only when you allow it to
– A non-proprietary device: Anyone can develop new tools for Mooltipass.
– An open-source platform: Being able to read our source code allows everyone to check and enhance the security of the Mooltipass.
– A trusted platform: Only code that has been tested by the developers and reviewed by the community is running on the Mooltipass, ensuring that no viruses or malicious programs compromise your stored credentials.

Code is available on GitHub.

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. I’m certainly interested in secure passwords and password management, but NOT 100-140€ interested. And I much prefer “portable” to mean “keychain-level portable” instead of “another-phone-level portable”, which is why I don’t think I’ll be getting one of these; I DO have an InputStick though.

    1. That’s perfectly understable, though it actually is $100. Having a “keychain-level portable” device would make password recall challenging though, as the screen would be tiny.

      1. Indeed it’s $, sorry about the confusion. Regarding the screen – the stick I’m using is not actually holding the passwords like the Mooltipass device, it’s just acting (much like the MP does) like a HID keyboard controlled by my smartphone (which keeps the passwords in Keepass), and “types” them in directly if I connect to it wirelessly and instruct Keepass to do so – so the screen is not an issue. The security of the Keepass vault on the phone could be, but hey – we must all choose our battles…

  2. I’ve been following the project since it started in HaD. I personally think that for 100$ it’s not the cheapest device in the market but it includes free shipping. I also want to remark it’s an opensource project with the contribution of many people around the world, so I definitely will support the open source community and I suggest you to do it too.

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