Update on CERN’s investment in KiCAD


From the comments on our Cadsoft Eagle review post:

Cern’s team is hard at work. You can see the list of their projects here
The code is being contributed to the official Kicad’s repository, just it may not be in the release version yet, because it is still not ready for prime time due to very wide range of subsystems that are affected (especially the entire display subsystem). You can see a short demo of push & shove router here
I tried the router a couple of months ago and it worked, however there were still some problems with display.

Short demo of push & shove router after the break.

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  1. I’m excited to see CERN get into this. I use Diptrace, but once CERN has gotten to Step #10, bullet point #1, I will definitely want to revisit my choice.

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