New design for robot arm: more economical and lighter


A double and triple delta robot by Aad van der Geest:

 The double delta is a novel design that is lighter, safer and more energy efficient compared to other robotic arms. This is because all three of the actuators are placed at a stationary point in base of the arm. As a result, the arm is very light.
The design is based on the delta robot as invented in the early 80s by Reymond Clavel. When Aad van der Geest got acquainted with the delta robot for the first time, he was immediately charmed. But when he tried to apply it, he saw a big disadvantage. The robot can only move within a small volume. This can be seen particularly when robots have to work in a limited space. Out of frustration the idea for the double delta was conceived. The idea is to link multiple delta robot segments together. He therefore calls his robots double delta and triple delta. He built three working prototypes. The smallest is 150 mm, the largest 3.5 meters in height.
Aad van der Geest is an independent developer of software and electromechanical products. Earlier inventions range from special calculators to full color 3D
On the video, all prototypes can be seen in action.

More pictures are on

Check out the video after the break.

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