Mini MAME cabinet


Greg Kennedy shows you how to make a DIY MAME cabinet project:

 I started this project by taking stock of my components.  Like any good hacker, I have a stack of spare PCs and monitors for occasions like this.  I selected a set that was particularly hard to repurpose, due to its crappy CPU, use of expensive RDRAM, and then the monitor is a 13″ CRT.  These specs would run a vertical cabinet with 4-way joystick nicely.  The “modern” solution is to use some single board computer (say, Raspberry Pi) and an LCD.  I’d rather not send e-waste off to the landfill, plus I’d have to pay for something I already have on hand!

Via Hacked Gadgets.

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  1. I think this looks infinitely better than the LCD builds that people are doing with SBCs. This is more “keeping it real”.

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