Maker Villa Penang, Malaysia

Posted on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 in Global Geek by DP


A Hacker Camp Shenzhen participant caught the bug and organized a local event in Penang.

MAKER VILLA PENANG is a 3-day maker camp bringing local and international makers (DIY artists, crafters, designers, scientists & engineers) for a time of learning, building and sharing of ideas. It will be held from 20-22 August 2014 in conjunction with the George Town Festival.

  • Meet local and international makers
  • Learn about heritage and investment opportunities in Penang
  • Learn common Malay phrases and opportunity to practise
  • Tour of Georgetown UNESCO Heritage site
  • Premiere screening of MAKER documentary
  • Panel discussion on maker culture
  • Promoting start-up entrepreneurship in Penang
  • Learn basic Arduino programming with Chibitronics’ circuit stickers
  • Design & build an interactive art installation for *Georgetown Festival make-a-thon
  • Start-up offices & factory visits
  • Consolidation and planning for Makers’ movement in Malaysia

If the hacking isn’t enough for you, go for the food. Penang is one of the top street food cities in the world. The BBQ pork is to die for.

Ian is scheduled for a talk at Maker Villa. We may (very uncertain) do a Sin-Ma-Thai-Cam-Vie hackers on a train trip from Singapore all the way back to Shenzhen by sleeper train (and bus). We’ll stop at the Maker Villa for a day, and end up in Shenzhen for the second Hacker Camp Shenzhen.

Visit Maker Villa Penang page for more information and to register.


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6 Responses to “Maker Villa Penang, Malaysia”

  1. grimmjaw says:

    Damn, I would love to meet local malaysian maker/hacker :)
    Unfortunetly by end of Aug ,I’m already in back home in germany

  2. grimmjaw says:

    Damn, I would love to meet local malaysian maker/hacker :)
    Unfortunetly by end of Aug ,I’m already back home in germany

  3. Pier says:

    Hello Guys, it’s not been long that I knew about you and what a pity I will not be able to come to this event in Malaysia.
    I am based in Singapore and if you plan to have a coffee or dinner here in Singapore please let me know, I would be very happy to have the chance to meet the community personally.
    I will be in Shenzhen on sat 16th, sun 17th.
    Regards, Pier

  4. The_YongGrand says:

    Man, would love meeting with you guys. I’m in Malaysia btw. Penang’s a cool place.

    Hope you can do a similar Maker-Villa in Kuala Lumpur too. THanks. :)

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