Curious C-beeper


Electronics DIY published a new build,  the Curious C-beeper:

Curious C-Beeper is a fun to build little probe that can be used to quickly detect the capacity of capacitors in pF nF range, test their stability with temperature changes, find broken wires, locate wires, trace wires on PCBs, and to locate live wires behind the walls without touching them. The circuit uses three transistors to make a most unusual capacitance beeper probe. When a capacitor is touched to the probe, the probe beeps at a frequency that varies with capacitance. The frequency change is so steep with capacitance that tiny capacitors may be precisely matched or an exact fixed value may be selected to replace a trimmer in a prototype.

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  1. Yeah unfortunately they make no mention at all of the original author or others that have made (original) variations to the original. Also talking text pretty close to word-for-word from other sources – Not good form at all!

    Alan Yates had a version of this and gave credit and links to the original Author, Mats (matseng) of Small Room Labs also made a version of this right here on DP and also gave credit where it was due

    Looks like electronics DIY have done that in a number of cases from a quick skim.

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