Wavetek 907 signal generator teardown


Kerry Wong did a teardown of a Wavetek 907 signal generator:

This Wavetek 907 is absolutely humongous. It has the same width as my HP 5350B but is much deeper (23 in.) and weights around 50 pounds. It was built in 1980 and is clearly showing its age. It was sold as “used” so presumably it was in working condition. But given the physical condition it was in my expectations were pretty low.
Surprisingly enough though, it did power up and its output signal frequency and range were pretty much spot-on assuming my HP 5350B was accurate. Unfortunately, after I left it on for about an hour to warm up, the frequency display on the Wavetek 907 went over range (displays a “1″ regardless of the frequency setting). While it still output a signal, the adjustable frequency range dropped from 6.9 GHz – 11.05 GHz to 6.9 GHz – 7.9 GHz.

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