Solar scare mosquito

Mosquito control Device

Here’s a cool Solar scare mosquito project by Gallactronics.  He writes a complete step-by-step instructions here:

So I built a device that generates air bubbles at regular intervals and effectively produces ripples up to a radius of 2 meters (sufficient for most urban water bodies). The device automatically switches on when it comes in contact with water an alarm alerts if the water body dries up or someone tries to remove the device from water. At less than $10, the device is cost effective and being solar powered, it is energy independent and maintenance-free.

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. Nice idea, although the schematic in that article doesn’t really work, as noted in the comments. Ever try to drive a NPN transistor base with current which is conducted through water? How many mA do you get from that… enough to drive a pump motor, as the schematic would have you believe?

  2. More marketing than engineering. He did not build the entire circuit, which he must have copied from an old book or something. Did nothing about the rechargeable battery, for example. Also I think the solar cell is more to impress readers of Instructables instead of something that’s integrated into the system and tested. Perhaps he is just building his Instructables reputation rather than building things properly.

    Might as well put some Gambusia into the pond.

  3. He and his supporters at the instructables comments seem to focus only in the “it will save the world ” way. Spreading plastics and electronics amounting to about $50 in a small area with five little ponds is not a efficient way to solve mosquito problems . And he mentions that emptying used bottles, old tires and the like is boring …. well, it is easy and cheap. If people want to live in a trash dump, well, then it is a problem not easily solved with technology.

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