MDO4104B-6 Intro, Probe calibration & license transfer

Posted on Monday, June 23rd, 2014 in components by DP

KF5OBS writes:

Quick overview of the Tektronix MDO4104B-6. Also showing how to properly calibrate the passive probes and debunking the myth that license modules enable theft of options.

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  1. adrian says:

    Alternatively, I might prefer to buy an oscilloscope that, you know, just works. Instead of demanding more money for every trivial extra feature I want to use.

    HP used to offer a disassembler SDK for their logic analysers, so you could write your own. There is lots of other signal processing you could add onto an smart scope to make your job easier. I look forward to seeing scopes with loadable apps that aren’t tied into the manufacturer, and I think the way they’ll appear is in open source oscilloscope software that becomes the default for cheap scopes and beats out the top line manufacturers.

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