Hacker Camp Shenzhen Day 2 Video: Export, Import, Shipping, Sourcing Agents

Posted on Thursday, May 1st, 2014 in Hacker Camp Shenzhen, Shenzhen by Ian

Connie @ Arcbotics discusses import and export from China, Lily and Ben talk about sourcing agents, and Tully @ Factory For All covers shipping. Morning discussions from Hacker Camp Shenzhen 2014, Friday April 4th.

The three speaker and presentations, and all the day 2 picture posts.

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4 Responses to “Hacker Camp Shenzhen Day 2 Video: Export, Import, Shipping, Sourcing Agents”

  1. ting says:

    thank Ian for this excellent video; feel that I was almost there. Can’t wait to check out the next video.

  2. Doub says:

    What’s that thing about keeping your good chinese suppliers and contractors secret “because it was so hard to find them”? Is that a joke? Because if that’s real that’s a pretty shitty culture. Not only does that go against the open source/open hardware principles, but it lets the bad suppliers thrive since nobody would be able to find good ones (and even realize there are good ones).

    • Ian says:

      I was surprised too, but here’s my take: I have some people I use in Huaqiangbei that I don’t give contact details for to large groups or especially online or in forums (eg Susie Shipper) because I don’t want them to be overwhelmed by questions. If I post Susie Shipper’s card in a forum 1000 people will email about getting 10 bucks worth of taobao crap forwarded for them (or whatever) and none will actually do it. That wouldn’t make Susie happy so I don’t share that online. Individually I have no problem sharing her contact details, especially introducing groups to her personally.

  3. Paul Baker says:

    Do you know where I can come across a quality bilingual purchase order agreement worth it’s weight as I’ve been burnt to many times
    I’m sure everyone here could do with same if they are spending over $1000


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