Hacker Camp Shenzhen Day 2 Video: Export, Import, Shipping, Sourcing Agents

Connie @ Arcbotics discusses import and export from China, Lily and Ben talk about sourcing agents, and Tully @ Factory For All covers shipping. Morning discussions from Hacker Camp Shenzhen 2014, Friday April 4th.

The three speaker and presentations, and all the day 2 picture posts.

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  1. thank Ian for this excellent video; feel that I was almost there. Can’t wait to check out the next video.

  2. What’s that thing about keeping your good chinese suppliers and contractors secret “because it was so hard to find them”? Is that a joke? Because if that’s real that’s a pretty shitty culture. Not only does that go against the open source/open hardware principles, but it lets the bad suppliers thrive since nobody would be able to find good ones (and even realize there are good ones).

    1. I was surprised too, but here’s my take: I have some people I use in Huaqiangbei that I don’t give contact details for to large groups or especially online or in forums (eg Susie Shipper) because I don’t want them to be overwhelmed by questions. If I post Susie Shipper’s card in a forum 1000 people will email about getting 10 bucks worth of taobao crap forwarded for them (or whatever) and none will actually do it. That wouldn’t make Susie happy so I don’t share that online. Individually I have no problem sharing her contact details, especially introducing groups to her personally.

  3. Ian
    Do you know where I can come across a quality bilingual purchase order agreement worth it’s weight as I’ve been burnt to many times
    I’m sure everyone here could do with same if they are spending over $1000


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