Digispark Pro – tiny, Arduino ready, USB and mobile dev board


Ihsan informs us of Digitstump’s  inexpensive, tiny Arduino IDE ready, USB and mobile dev board, the Digispark Pro:

Serial over USB debugging, USB programmable, 14 i/o, SPI, I2C, UART, USB Device Emulation, Mobile Development Ready, Optional BT, BLE, Mesh, and Wi-Fi.
The super small, dirt cheap, always open source, Arduino compatible, USB (and Mobile and Wireless!) development (and production) platform, and follow-up to the original Digispark.
Easier to use, more pins, more program space, more features, more reliable – supporting the entire existing Digispark ecosystem of 25+ shields and adding Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE shields and more! Ready for all your projects – including mobile hardware development! All still super affordable!
The Digispark Pro Ecosystem is the cheapest, Arduino compatible development platform for Mobile and Wireless hardware development.

You can visit their Kickstart page for more info.

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. It looks like a nice product, but “dirt cheap” it is not. For $14 you can buy 5 Arduino Pro Mini boards, and still have money left over (they sell for <$2.50/qty5 on aliexpress), or you could get 2 Pro Micros.
    Running the tiny167, it uses the arduino tiny cores, which isn't completely with an arduino board running an ATMega328.
    Aside from the novelty of a more compact form factor (nice work on the board layout), I don't see much going for the Digispark Pro. The clone pro micro boards give you more IO, and 100% compatibility with the Leonardo. The ATMega32U4 on the pro micro has an on-board full-speed USB controller, while the digispark pro runs v-usb which requires some hacking to get CDC to (partially) work. If Ihsan has figured out a way to implement a CDC compliant device on the Digispark Pro that works as well as the Leonardo, then that is something to write about.

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