App note: Wi-Fi data logger


An app note from Microchip on Wi-Fi data logger (PDF!):

Dataloggers are used in a variety of industries, some examples are:

  • Environmental sensors
  • Motor RPM measurements
  • Location tags using GPS
  • Temperature sensors
  • Light sensors
  • Motion sensors

A data logger can be configured in a number of ways depending on the application. This case study covers the following application topics:

  • Point to point setup: In this scenario the module is used to transmit sensor readings, but is not connected to the user’s network. Typically used in remote areas such as maritime sensors, the user can periodically connect via adhoc to the data logger and download the sensor data that was collected.
  •  Network setup: When the module can be connected to an access point, the user has the ability to upload the data as frequently as needed from anywhere in the world through the user’s network.

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