@tymkrs MorePi Me v1 Pi shift register board


Charles Douvier blogged about his MorePi Me he won in a contest:

I unpacked the board and soldered it all together. Not a lot to say about it because it’s just a board, four DIP sockets/74HC595′s a couple connectors and 3 resistors. I like that they included sockets; I would have added them myself but sockets is a must on hobbyist boards!
whixr also send me some test code … happy day.

So I hooked this up and dropped code into it last week.. I left it to burn in all week.. and checked it out today; no problems. I put the Pi on bench and hooked up my logic analyzer … works as advertised. Look at the screenshot of the output for how whixr code works. I’ll also include a copy.