Hacker Camp Shenzhen map and schedule arrives

By ian

There’s a lot of Huaqiangbei maps out there (Seeed Studio, HAXLR8R, Oomlout), but we needed one specifically for Hacker Camp Shenzhen. This map has favorite component and tools buildings, some hidden and not normally visited. It also has ‘local’ places I’ve discovered during the last year living in the market area: cheap and dodgy karaoke, favorite BBQ places, hot pot street, cheap massage, back alley food streets, and more. On the back there’s a schedule of events (and locations) for the hacker camp, a snippet of the Shenzhen Metro map, and a list of organizers and sponsors.

Originally we hoped to have them folded by the printer, but the cheap printer (230RMB/~$30USD for 500) wouldn’t fold them and the expensive printer was, well, too expensive (1000RMB/~$160USD for 500). For the extra $130 we’ll fold them in-house, or take them to a bored neighborhood print shop. We only need 40 for the workshop so the extras will be given away at Maker Faires or make an appearance in the free PCB drawer.

Hacker Camp Shenzhen-front (PDF!)
Hacker Camp Shenzhen-back (PDF!)

Via Hacker Camp Shenzhen mini-site: Hacker Camp Shenzhen map and schedule arrives

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  1. Hi Ian, Can you check why your Hacker Camp Shenzhen map PDF document cannot be read on IOS devices?

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