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cpldcpu writes:

What’s pretty cool about these LEDs is that they are diffuse – no more blinding unidirectional light. This might be very useful for indicator lights. Furthermore, you can easily wire them freeform without a pcb. I see a lot of RGB LED cubes coming up…
The LEDs come with four leads: VCC, GND, Data in, Data out. Instead of the thin bendy leads that I am used to from normal RGB LEDs, they come with with thick, rigid, pins which can not easily be bent arbitrarily. This could be a measure to improve heat sinking, but is a bit annoying when working with these LEDs. The data sheet states that the pitch of the pins is 2.54 mm. Strangely enough they do not quite fit into a normal protoboard, it seems that the real pitch is slightly smaller (2.5 mm?).

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    1. Sorry Electro Bob. 8mm is the smallest we can make at this time. We have to fit the IC and three other LED dies on the same anvil. This is the major space constraint. It is possible we will make a 10 mm version in the future.

  1. I’ve been waiting for people to start blogging about them.
    It all started at Maker Fair in New York I was talking to Gene Foulk of
    I was explaining that I have a lot of different manufacturing services through my website
    He suggested that I make an LED with the WS2811 inside.
    I decided to call them BulletPixels. However Paul at SolderingSunday primarily sells to children so he renamed them as PixelBits. If anybody else would like to start selling these LEDs please let me know.

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