Free PCB Sunday: Pick your PCB

Posted on Sunday, February 2nd, 2014 in Free PCBs by DP


We go through a lot of prototype PCBs, and end up with lots of extras that we’ll never use. Every Sunday we give away a few PCBs from one of our past or future projects, or a related prototype. Our PCBs are made through Seeed Studio’s Fusion board service. This week two random commenters will get a coupon code for the free PCB drawer tomorrow morning. Pick your own PCB. You get unlimited free PCBs now – finish one and we’ll send you another! Don’t forget there’s free PCBs three times every week:

Some stuff:

  • Yes, we’ll mail it anywhere in the world!
  • Be sure to use a real e-mail in the address field so we can contact you with the coupon.
  • Limit one PCB per address per month please.
  • Like everything else on this site, PCBs are offered without warranty.
  • PCBs are scrap and have no value, due to limited supply it is not possible to replace a board lost in the post

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127 Responses to “Free PCB Sunday: Pick your PCB”

  1. Ben says:

    Free PCB would be great :)

  2. Arnd says:

    Let’s try again!

  3. MacHa says:

    Yeah, trying again…

  4. CyberPK says:

    Me :)

  5. Vortex says:

    YAY! Free PCB day!

    Didn’t miss it for a change :) Damn timezones… :/

  6. SaakNeMah says:


  7. Greg Fenton says:

    Looking forward to another chance to win!

  8. Arthur says:

    Trying again

  9. Luigi Salfi says:

    Im hoping that this year (10years in the making) is my year to get a free one

  10. Tom says:

    Hello again.

  11. rich says:

    yes please

  12. teme says:

    Jeah free pcb

  13. Alex says:

    PCB – Me!

  14. Rose says:

    This is like the Groundhog Day movie… :-)

  15. Guillaume says:

    Pick me !

  16. George says:

    Crazy generous…

  17. wavo wig says:


  18. Nick says:

    Has to be worth a comment :-)

  19. WallaceIT says:

    Free PCB! :)

  20. Alexandre Mello says:

    Hello !!!!!

  21. Oliver LC says:

    Me please. I could do with a soldering project…

  22. Bruce says:

    yes please

  23. Tom says:

    It is worth a try…

  24. Deadlock says:

    Next try.

  25. Julio says:


  26. Konstantin Z. says:

    please, me!

  27. Peter says:

    Yes please pick me.

  28. Kemp says:

    Hoping to get lucky one day :)

  29. Marcello says:

    I need 1 coupon ;-)

  30. Jens says:

    Just to enter the lottery

  31. vmax says:

    Watching IGT5

  32. Göran Sandström says:

    Free PCB Please! :-)

  33. robsut says:

    Try again

  34. Dr. Obscure says:

    Yes!.. Yes!… Yes!!!

  35. Aron says:

    another try

  36. BIll F says:

    Count me IN!

  37. Szymon says:

    a first free PCB?
    oh will it be me?

  38. pspgeek says:


  39. Emanuele says:

    To meeee!

  40. Twistx77 says:

    It would be nice to get one :)

  41. Tobias Einarsson says:

    Me me me!

  42. Lascar Andersson says:

    Want one

  43. Fsck says:

    I’m in!

  44. Bryan says:

    I’ve been trying (halfheartedly) to get a pcb coupon for a while with no luck :(. Hope that changes now.

  45. Steve says:

    free PCB ftw!

  46. jeanmarc78 says:

    New attempt. Now that the free PCB drawer has been refilled :)

  47. cillino says:

    YES! Free PCB! :-)

  48. Juan Ramón Novelo says:

    C’mon, show some love!

  49. Tony Cekolin says:

    a pcb to work on would be great!

  50. mh says:

    Another random entry

  51. puretus says:

    Good evening from Finland, temp. -4C and cloudy.

  52. Mike Hansen says:

    Pick me! :)

  53. Dan Ringer says:

    Pick me!

  54. Lars Böhm says:


  55. Steve says:

    Free PCB Please

  56. bibz says:

    Yay! Free PCB for my bike!

  57. Richard says:

    Count me in!

  58. Matt says:

    Randomly pick me

  59. Alberto antonini says:


  60. grantbob says:

    I’d give one a try.

  61. Cruz Guerra says:

    Would love a free PCB.

  62. devgiant says:

    Another Sunday, Another Try… :)

  63. CVBruce says:

    I’m in.

  64. Michael says:

    /* comment */

  65. Johan says:

    Free PCB

  66. You can call me a random commentator if it gets me a free PCB

  67. Wade says:

    I could go for some free PCB.

  68. Crawford says:

    1 mo try…

  69. desaster says:

    This time, for sure!

  70. Scott Schiffmacher says:

    Throwing my hat into the ring again..

  71. cj says:

    any chance please

  72. Cris says:

    Would love a free PCb

  73. Adnc says:

    ddd week x

  74. Marcin Domański says:


  75. Marcin Domański says:

    free as in beer ?;)

  76. vaughan edwards says:

    new to the electronics hobby. found your site through hackaday. absolute goldmine of info

    a free pcb would be great.

  77. I’d love a coupon! Coupons! What a great word.

  78. kmart says:

    over here please…

  79. Carol Willing says:

    Groundhog says more winter…will solder PCB to keep warm.

  80. McMonster says:

    Me please.

  81. Buspirate says:

    Yes, please

  82. Collin says:

    here again

  83. Bob says:

    Free PCB for me!

  84. Drew says:

    Excellent work Ian, Hope everything is going to plan in China.

  85. scanboostar says:

    I like the new Bus Pirate heat shrink labels !

  86. Thomas says:

    Great site!

  87. JAnne says:

    Ja tack ;)

  88. Walter Christen says:

    Kool give a way

  89. TheNick says:

    PIZZA!!! Uhm, I mean, PCB!!!

  90. insurgent says:

    Moar free!

  91. jluu says:


  92. adambro says:

    Need to practice my soldering.

  93. Trevor P. says:

    C’mon pick me

  94. Efcis says:

    It’s my day of luck. Or not.

  95. Paul says:

    go raibh maith agat

  96. Per says:

    Yes, please

  97. Steve says:

    I’ll take one. Thanks!

  98. dps says:

    One PCB please! :-)

  99. Adam Perkins says:

    Here we go again!

  100. Gordon Margulieux says:

    Open Bench Logic Sniffer sounds pretty interesting. Never trust an atom. They make up everything.

  101. Mike Fox says:

    In right under the wire, right?

  102. jens says:

    Why not me?

  103. scrpy says:

    I’ll take one!

  104. Hector says:

    Pick meee

  105. yarren says:

    My precioussss.

  106. XTL says:

    Why not zoidberg?

  107. Paul says:

    i’ll give it a go

  108. paul says:

    Very good job at seed.
    Send me one too!


  109. Oussema says:

    Thank your for the offer; I hope i ll be a winner !

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