Pratham: Breadboardable PIC32 board

Posted on Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 in dev boards, PIC by DP

Pratham PIC32 PIC32MX795F512H Breakout Board development board usb host bootloader

Gaurav Chaudhary  has written an article detailing his Pratham – breadboardable PIC32 breakout with USB OTG , USB/SDCard/UART bootloader:

doing random projects with Microcontroller i always come into position when i need to have a bit more power and Peripherals then regular 8-bit micro or Arduino has to offer, but most of the powerful micro usually come in non-DIY Friendly SMD package or else they have very less pins like DIP-28.

so what i was need is a fairly small breakout board kind of things which should be easy to handle and should contain few necessary peripherals like bunch of LED ,few switches , USB , EEPROM , VReference for ADC ,Oscillator and Voltage regulators too. and the board also need to be low cost so that i can leave in that in the application as it is. and most important things is the board should be breadboard compatible.
so here is the solution with all of the features i can think off.

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4 Responses to “Pratham: Breadboardable PIC32 board”

  1. somun says:

    What kind of giant breadboard would this possibly fit onto ? :)

    • AlbertdH says:

      I would bridge it across *two* breadboards. I now wish there were adapters that made it easy to do this with dip parts in general because more space is sometimes better.

  2. Suresh says:

    where can buy in India what prise

  3. KH says:

    Impressive, considering the “few necessary peripherals” phrase. RGB LEDs… 3-axis gyro plus accelerometer… Barometric sensor… Magnetometer… Whoa… looks like more than a few peripherals.

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