PCB drawer restock: Bus Pirate v3.8

Posted on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 in Bus Pirate by DP


To test a PCB supplier we ordered 100 Bus Pirate v3.8 boards to put in the free PCB drawer.  The total cost for 100 PCBs, two sided with red solder mask and 100% E-test was 190RMB (~$30).

v3.8 is intended for the Bus Pirate education kit, and includes some fixes to long standing issues like the botched pinout that’s haunted me since the first version with a 2×5 connector.

If you’ve got a PCB coupon hanging around, you can grab one of the new boards today. We’ve got lots more PCB drawer goodies coming next.

Here’s the list of changes:

I/O arrangement changed to match the logical order of initial layout. One wire uses pin one, I2C and 2 wire use pin 1 and 2, SPI uses 1 through 4, etc. Arrangement were now similar to Bus Pirate v4(less AUX1 and AUX2 pins):

pin 1 – MOSI
pin 2 – CLK
pin 3 – MISO
pin 4 – CS
pin 5 – AUX
pin 6 – ADC
pin 7 – VPU
pin 8 – 3V3
pin 9 – 5V0
pin10 – GND

  • Fixed I/O shrouded header, shrouded header notch now facing outward the PCB
  • Micro USB connector
  • SMD LED footprint is now 0603 package instead of 0805


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19 Responses to “PCB drawer restock: Bus Pirate v3.8”

  1. Peter S. May says:

    Ordered mine! :-) So, with the exception of the new LED size (0603 replaces 0805) and USB connector (micro replaces mini), is the BOM the same as with v3.6 (

    Incidentally, the Mouser cart for that version could use an update for its USB connector, 3.3V regulators, and one of its resistors.

  2. Rik says:

    OK what PCB supplier is that, 30 usd for 100 PCB’s O.o

    • Nick Leijenhorst says:

      I second this, you guys and your sweet deals :’)

    • Tiersten says:

      Ian is in China so it’d be direct to a local PCB factory.

    • Ian says:

      It’s not clear to me if this is the same supplier used by Seeed Studio, Hackvana, etc, but it’s the biggest on Taobao. We’ve having lots of boards made by them, and turn around is as little as overnight. I sent our a motor controller board Monday afternoon and it was delivered Tuesday afternoon. Pretty sweet.

  3. Geoff says:

    Have you put a line in the sand yet for when the education kits will become oderable?

    • Ian says:

      Probably Bay Area Maker Faire – May. There will be two versions, a light version with a few chips, and a bigger version with lots of parts. We like to make things cheap, but couldn’t get the full kit within our target price. Instead well do one low and one high cost kit.

      • Xykon says:

        Do you have a project page (or pages) for the kits yet? I’d be interested to see what parts you’ll use and maybe add a few comments as well. I remember there was a discussion on this a while back but I haven’t seen anything like this recently.

  4. Bandi says:

    The registration error of the silkscreen is terrible IMHO.

    And I don’t think a micro USB connector without through hole mounting tabs was a really good idea. They tend to delaminate easily, especially when the PCB is built on the cheapest available FR4 stock, like these are likely to be, judging from the price. Proper micro usb connectors cannot be much more expensive, even the dirt cheap STM32 Discovery boards have those.

    No offense meant, just my two cents.

    • Ian says:

      The silk isn’t perfect, but it’s not terrible either – especially for dirt cheap prototyping boards like these. You get what you paid for and we paid peanuts.

      Thanks for the advise on the microUSB. It’s our first use of it. I’ll run to the market and get some different samples later today.

      • AMS says:

        If you want some horror stories to keep you up at night, go look into the USB connector issues on the Nokia n900. I’m still sad mine died.

    • viswa says:

      Ian, You could use USB Micro B receptacle that is used in Seeedstudio Arch boards. They have through hole mounting tabs. The footprint used in these boards can be used with many types of Micro USB form-factor. Even tabs of SMT Micro B can be bent to fix into this footprint.

  5. Dr. Obscure says:

    So, back to the issue of the BOM for v3.8…
    Is it the same as 3.6?
    I have a board coming, and would really like to know :)
    Perhaps the page for the v3.8 can be updated/finished soon?


  6. spooner says:

    I also was lucky to get a PCB drawer copy of the BP 3.8 but I cannot seem to find small QTYs of the thick film resistors.

    Any help?

    I hate to spend $40 / reel for something only need a few of.

    Anyone want to share some extras or give me some ideas on getting these last few parts?

    Thanks. ~spooner

  7. ian says:

    any resistor should work, a specific type is not critical.

  8. spooner says:

    Thanks for the clarification!

    I have received a lot of help on the Bus Pirate forum.

    This is a truly great place!

    Thanks! ~spooner

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