GrrCON 2013 – Pwnage from the Skies!

At the GrrCON 2013 conference last Fall, Philip Polstra presented on the use of the AirDeck Linux based aero mobile pen testing device.

This presentation will introduce the AirDeck which is the latest extension to The Deck penetration testing and forensics program. The Deck made its US debut at GrrCON 2012. The Deck is a complete penetration testing and forensics Linux distribution that runs on the BeagleBoard family of small computer systems. Since its debut several modules have been released for The Deck. The 4Deck module provides USB write blocking for forensics work. The MeshDeck module allows an army of devices running The Deck and connected by 802.15.4 Xbee and/or Zigbee mesh networking to perform coordinated attacks from distances of up to a mile. The AirDeck represents the next evolutionary step to The Deck. The AirDeck is a flying wing which runs The Deck. The AirDeck is capable of vertical takeoffs and landings and can also be flown as an airplane. This allows a penetration tester to literally fly an attack device to the target organization and land somewhere where the device will go unnoticed (such as a roof).

This will be the worldwide debut of the AirDeck platform. The presenter says that full specifications and code for the AirDeck and other modules will be provided.

GrrCON is an annual information security and hacking conference in Grand Rapids, MI, put together to provide the community with a venue to come together and share ideas, information, solutions, forge relationships.

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