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  1. Could you tell me who’s your supplier, looking to buy several reels soon and would like to compare prices. Thanks!

    1. We just got some quotes in huaqiangbei and went with a big supplier with known brands. It was cheaper than going with Taobao. I won’t mention our particular supplier because you have to go to the market and speak chinese to work with them :)

      1. Actually I’m wrong about that. These particular vendors worked out so well because they are Hokkien and spoke Hokkien with our fixer (FlyLin), so everyone is like family :)

  2. The DP Partlist is great because it shows the commonly used stuff. For example it says that “390R, 1K, 2K, 10K, 100K are most common in our projects, we buy them by the reel”. So be sure to include more of these values in your book and you’ll be better than many other the chip resistor kits.

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