A new open source 200MHz logic analyer

Posted on Thursday, January 9th, 2014 in open source by DP


Here’s an interesting open source 200MHz logic analyzer project on Kickstarter, the DSLogic by DreamSourceLab:

DSLogic consists of DSLogic-Core and extension modules. DSLogic-Core is a re-configurable circuit board based on FPGA technology with maximum 200MHz sampling rate and 64Mbit on-board memory. DSLogic-Core can work alone as a fully functional logic analyzer, along with various extension modules.DSLogic can also work as oscilloscope, data acquisition system, protocol analyzer and even RF analyzer.

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8 Responses to “A new open source 200MHz logic analyer”

  1. cpldcpu says:

    I like this project, but it seems to suffer from featuritis. It would be more credible if they had left out the wireless sensor part. My bet is that they are going to ship funtional hardware with a minimal and bug-ridden software. The software is the most critical part of this project.

  2. oakkar7 says:

    I am a happy user of DP OBLS.
    If this thing, DSLogic supports SUMP protocol, a good software client is already in a mature stage.
    Software can be downloaded but not mention what protocol or data frame is used yet.
    Let see what will going on.

  3. oakkar7 says:

    Kick Starter page show,
    “Our host side software is created based on sigrok ( , a portable, cross-platform, Free/Libre/Open-Source signal analysis software suite”
    Good sound and interesting.

  4. eKiwi says:

    I’m hoping that the community will be able to modify their firmware (which they promised to make open source) to support the SUMP protocoll.
    If this is going to be just like the OBLS but with external memory, it will be everything I every hoped for …

  5. wayoda says:

    2 years ago I would have been excited about this projet, but today there are plenty of alternatives in the same price range.

    I’ve been waiting for an Open-Source/Hardware PC-Scope for years, but nobody has designed one.

    Now the new Rigol Standalone Scopes provide everything I would ever need for 550€ (entry level scope for 250 €).
    I lost interest in PC-Scopes. I can have a standalone Scope for almost the same money that this project (plus case) would cost me.

    For the LA feature, both the LogicSniffer and the Salea LA come with a mature Software while Sigrok still does not even compile on my machine.

  6. Josh says:

    “DSLogic is a completely open sourced product.” If that is true, where are the design files?

    • Kaz says:

      “All of our design files(software/firmware source code, schematic diagrams, board designs, and bill of materials) will be open source.”
      I don’t know about you, but “will be” implies something happening in the future to me.
      Considering they just changed FPGAs due to one of the stretch goals, I’m guessing that some engineering needs to happen.

  7. mk2soldier says:

    Great stuff!

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