A simple brushless sensorless motor driver for AVR Atmega

Davide Gironi posted the brushless sensorless version of his  sensored motor driver for AVR Atmega we posted previously:

For this project, I’ve implemented a simple brushless sensoreless motor driver for AVR Atmega. The code i propose it’s not perfect, and can be improved, but for the needs i had it works.
The motor can be controlled in speed and direction (clockwise and anti-clockwise).
This project use open loop startup and bemf zero crossing detection method with ADC.
Speed change can be done only when motor is not running, ADC is used during spinning phase in zc detection so it can not be used during the motor spinning, but digital speed changing can be implemented.

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    1. Yes, for me it’s enough, even without opamp.

      Before writing that code, i’ve look to many opensource existing projects (like open-bldc, SimonK firmare, or other RC stuff), I’ve find it difficult to modify that code, to add a rotation direction and a speed controller, that’s the reason why i’ve developed my code, and even for educational purpose :)

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