A simple noise generator


F4GRX  blogged about his simple noise generator project:

After some talks on the Electrolab hackerspace Mailing list, I had the idea to try random number generators. I came across this idea after realizing that good “really random” numbers are of extreme importance for online security, as they are used in SSL, GPG, and lots of other security algorithms.

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  1. Interesting project, thanks for posting it up.

    As for the logo – your talent obviously lies in other areas, be happy about that.

  2. It is generally considered courteous to list the source, if the circuits come from a source other than your own. In this case I believe the circuit diagram you posted was printed in the January 2005 edition of Silicon Chip Magazine (an Australian Publication) and was contributed by David Eather of Camp Hill, Qld, Australia.
    You can find the details here

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