Making wine in Shenzhen: Keyed connectors kit

Posted on Friday, August 2nd, 2013 in Prototypes by DP


Often it’s not clear exactly what connector, button, switch, or part is the best choice for a project. We end up making a last minute order of 1 or 2 of any likely candidate from Mouser or Digikey. That sets the project off by about a week while we dig through datasheets and websites, make CAD footprints, and wait for the order to be delivered.

To banish this annoying time sink we’re working with Oomlout to release complete kits of parts. Each set will be nicely labeled, well organized, and have open source datasheets, renderings, and CAD footprints for Eagle and KiCAD. We call it wine making because Ian hand plucks each part from Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen. We’re posting now to get your feedback, the final kit will be available in a couple weeks.

Last week we presented the Single row cable kit. Today we release our idea for the a version with keyed connectors. Keyed connectors are handy for ensuring cables are plugged in the right way, but they need a mating base which adds a little to the cost over the simple single row cables.

Head below to check out the contents, then please let us know what we forgot or what you find useless!


Single row male PCB keyed connectors in a bunch of sizes. These use the standard 0.1″ spacing which is used by all of our boards, and most of the development boards out there.

  • 10x 2pin
  • 10x 3piin
  • 10x 4pin
  • 10x 5pin
  • 10x 6pin
  • 10x 8pin
  • 10x 10pin


On the cable end there are female keyed connectors of matching sizes. They can only be connected one way around, and have a small bump keeping them in place.

  • 10x 2pin
  • 10x 3piin
  • 10x 4pin
  • 10x 5pin
  • 10x 6pin
  • 10x 8pin
  • 10x 10pin


Similarly to our single row cable kit, this kit also comes with three lengths of high-quality rainbow ribbon cable with machine crimped ends.

  • 2x 40 wire rainbow ribbon cable with crimped pins (100 mm)
  • 2x 40 wire rainbow ribbon cable with crimped pins (180 mm)
  • 1x 40 wire rainbow ribbon cable with crimped pins (300 mm)

Forgot something useful? Included the wrong stuff? Please let us know and we’ll update the contents before the kits are finalized.

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5 Responses to “Making wine in Shenzhen: Keyed connectors kit”

  1. Matthías says:

    It would be nice to have a few 90° ones. I’m thinking mainly 2 pin (PWR)

  2. Blars says:

    This one looks more interesting than the previous, which mostly duplicated what I had already picked up on ebay. Double-row connectors would be better for most layouts though.

  3. kasbah says:

    This definitely fills a gap and will be a great help to all those that can’t just go and browse the markets in Shenzhen and hold the connectors and cables in their hands.

    Not sure about the name though, I thought you were actually making wine for a while. What about “Curated Connectors”?

  4. Tom says:

    love it. How about an smd version too, they’re harder to find.

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