FT311D breakout PCB build

Posted on Thursday, June 13th, 2013 in builds by DP


Sjaak posted his FT311D breakout PCB build:

Quiet some time ago I got a FT311D PCB from Ian. Finaly found some time to build it up and write about it.   I tried it on 3 devices, each with its own quirks…

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7 Responses to “FT311D breakout PCB build”

  1. If you are interested in FT311D, please take a look also at following blog post:–android-per-lo-sviluppo-di-ux-complesse.aspx

  2. Not all android “distributions” have needed modules to support UsbAccessory, so it isn’t an easy way to know in advance a certain device/smartphone/tablet combination will work or not.

    I’ll translate that post soon, but meanwhile you can take a look at video :)

    • Sjaak says:

      the device get recognized as accesoire, but the connection is reset after a second or so. My guess it is a timeout or another bug in the firmware.

      AFAIK all android >4 should support this and have the modules onboard.

      • WhileLoop says:

        I had a similar problem which was caused by my power supply dropping under load. Keep in my that the android device will consume 500mA while the chip itself may consume up to 150mA. Make sure your power supply can source that current without dropping under 5V.

      • Sjaak says:

        Good call…

        I’m using the ATX powersupply, so that is not a problem. The voltage regs should handle 800mA IIRC, but that can be close call (also the voltage regulators are some noname chinese 1117 thingies)

  3. wsalas says:

    Hi Sjaak, you came to solve the problem of connexion ..? I have the same problem, after a few seconds the device is disconnected…!!

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