125 kHz RFID reader based on ATtiny13


125 kHz RFID reader based on ATtiny13 by Vassilis Serasidis

This is an 125 kHz RFID reader that is based on ATtiny13 micro-controller and an LM358 Operational Amplifier. No special RFID chip is used. The reading, decoding and printing the unique ID from 125 kHz RFID tags is made entirely in software by ATtiny13.

Via Electronics Lab.

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  1. Thank you, a nice write up,

    its one of those technologies I use all the time that I never really think about, I may have a play and incorporate some of the tech into my usb arcade interface to replace the coin-op mechanism when I get some spare time.

    Investigating the other common 13Mhz RFID standard would be a nice follow on project for someone :-)

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