Welcome Arduino Yún – the first member of a series of wifi products combining Arduino with Linux


Welcome Arduino Yún – the first member of a series of wifi products combining Arduino with Linux:

Massimo Banzi announced it some minutes ago during his annual “The state of Arduino” presentation at Maker Faire Bay Area:  Arduino Yún  is the first of a revolutionary family of wifi products combining Arduino with Linux.

Yún means “cloud” in chinese language,  as the purpose of this board to make it simple to connect to complex web services directly from Arduino.

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  1. Yay, another Arduino wifi shield at 3x the price of TP-Link TL-WR703N, but this time IT IS TP-Link TL-WR703N (ar9331).

  2. It’s not a shield; it’s a complete “router” plus arduino.
    I’d previously suggested that some router company might plunk down an ATmega328 footprint and shield layout, for possible “filling in” by Arduino enthusiasts, but I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that it never occurred to me to plunk down the router electronics on an arduino-sized board…

  3. USD 70 + taxes ?!? You can buy a Carambola 2 with the same SoC for EUR 19 and add your own *duino if you absolutely have to…

    1. now THAT looks interesting. Its 703N, but with 64MB ram and smaller/lighter form factor.

  4. We believe this solution will be very practical for people without little or no experience with Linux who want something that just works.

    What needs to be taken into account is that we’ve developed a set of libraries on both the Arduino and Linux side that make it very simple to connect to web services etc.

    Yes you can always find something cheaper but then you have to build the circuit that connect the Arduino with whatever Linux device you’re using and develop all the software.

    If you want to get going in 5 minutes without becoming a Linux geek then this board is for you.


  5. Wouldn’t the price of the Raspberry Pi be better suited because it runs Linux and it is only $35 and why do I need to pay $70 for a router when I already have a router?

    1. Respectfully I think you’re not looking at the whole picture… If you want a device that can do Wifi/Eth/Linux/Arduino/IOT out of the box the Yun is for you.

      Arduino is about the user experience, the immediateness and the soft learning curve.

      Linux geeks can get stuff done without this (Although the geeks I’ve given a board to have loved it)


  6. Have impression that every computer science student wants to bring out his product and conquer the world. Only few things succeed.

    I use WR703N + Arduino. Router at least has a nice box. 4 MB Flash of router is a limitation. And need tricks to prevent serial communication to Arduino to freeze.

  7. Get it into the $40 price range and I’m all over it…$70 is pretty steep for a little widget.

  8. Nice idea. It is tough to compete with TP-Link, though. The AR-9331 WR-703 running DD/WRT is only $16 in volume — and relatively simple to interface via two wire TTL serial I/O. What makes the difference is software. I’ll be interested in seeing what’s available when this ships. Can you post a spec sheet with the proposed software API, please?

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