App note: Practical guide to implementing Solar Panel MPPT Algorithms


An application note from Microchip:  Practical guide to implementing Solar Panel MPPT Algorithms (PDF!)

This application note describes how to implement
MPPT using the most popular switching power supply topologies. There are many published works on this topic, but only a tiny portion of them show how to actually implement the algorithms in hardware, as well as state common problems and pitfalls. Even when using the simplest MPPT algorithm with a well-designed synchronous switching power supply, it can be expected that at least 90% of the panel’s available power will end up in the battery, so the benefits are obvious.

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  1. Dear Tutor,

    Fig.2 :

    CaseA and CaseB both have P(k) > p(k-1) this in the IfElse field. The logic operation should be less than (<)
    in of the cases.

    Thanks for the info. though

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