CR2032 powered node board


In relation to the previously posted nrf24L01+ wireless module,  Kehribar shared his CR2032 powered node board in the forum:

I also designed a 30.8 x 30.8 mm CR2032 powered node board for these modules. I’m waiting for my prototypes from OSHPark, but in the meantime here are the layout and schematic images.

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  1. I want make these on my breadboard so I suppose follow components(no smd) :
    U$1 AMTEL ATtini84
    U$2 AMS1117
    U1 MIC5205
    C1 100nF
    C2,C3 2.2uF
    C4 ?
    C5 22uF
    C6 100uF
    R1 10k
    R2,R3 ?
    R4 47K
    LED1 1206 Led

    Are corrects?

    I would inser 10k and push button on Reset (pin4) and two 22pF and 20Mhz crystal on Xtal1 Xtal2 and GND pins 3, 2 and 14 on ATtiny84 will be possible? :-)
    Thanks, best regards.

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