DIY 3D printed stepper motor

Posted on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 in 3D Model, DIY, hacks by DP


Christopher Hawkins made this cool DIY 3d printed stepper motor:

This is a programmable stepper motor and driver that I made out of some nails, magnet wire, neodymium magnets, a digispark microcontroller, and a 3D printed piece that I designed around these things. My goal was to make something about the size of a business card that moved. You can’t exactly fit it in your wallet but it does indeed move. It just a first draft- there’s lots of room for improvement. It has a step angle of 15 degrees (although the way I’m driving it, it is 7.5 degrees.)

Via Hacked Gadgets.

Check out the video after the break.

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3 Responses to “DIY 3D printed stepper motor”

  1. Persons one day we will see the “vitamins” needed to make 3d printers could be reduced to magnets and coils. It is awesome to see 3d printed actuators like this.

    • Kyrre says:

      I have to say this is very nice work, but at the same time mention it is not an actuator.
      There is no output shaft. It is a pure formality however, very cool work!

  2. Talal says:

    Do you possibly have the CAD design of this prototype available? I want to try to make this at my school for a project.

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