Bus Pirate v4 back in stock

Posted on Friday, April 19th, 2013 in BP v4 by DP

Bus Pirate v4 is back in stock at Seeed Studio. The Bus Pirate is an open source hacker multi-tool that talks to electronic stuff. It’s got a bunch of features an intrepid hacker might need to prototype their next project.

You can get a Bus Pirate v4 for $40, including worldwide shipping.

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4 Responses to “Bus Pirate v4 back in stock”

  1. GAO SHIYANG says:

    We received this BPV4 days ago, but we don’t have USB 2 TTL bus driver, it is said FT232 driver. As a result, we can’t find the COM port. Could you please send me this driver?

    Shiyang Gao

  2. Filip says:

    Hi the Bus Pirate v4 only needs the .inf file to let Windows know it’s a CDC device. you can find the inf file in our SVN

    • Shiyang Gao says:

      Hi Filip,

      Thank you very much. Now I successfully installed the driver and BPv4 is recognized.

      And then I followed the instruction to type “?” But I didn’t see the help information displayed in website. That means I am not connecting? Is it because I need to download firmware prior to any operation?
      Do you have a phone number? Can I talk to you for queries?

      Best wishes,
      Shiyang Gao

      • Filip says:

        Hi Shiyang,
        you need to setup the terminal to 115200 baud, 8bit, no parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control.
        now open the com port that the bus pirate connected to. when you hit enter do you see “HiZ>”

        I’ send you my email, from which we could talk over gtalk.. I’m available from 8:00-17:00 Central European Time (CET)

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