CERN supports KiCad development


Javier Serrano of┬áCERN’s BE-CO-HT section has sent this message to the Developers list to help enhance Kicad: Introducing CERN BE-CO-HT

As you know, the BE-CO-HT section at CERN has been contributing to Kicad for some time now. We see this involvement as a key part of our activities regarding Open Source Hardware. We are also contributing to the
adoption of VHDL and SystemVerilog in the Icarus Verilog simulator, so as to enable cross-language simulation. Other related activities include the operation on the Open Hardware Repository and the development of the
CERN Open Hardware Licence

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  1. Thanks for that link. From the article: “Tom works on hardware design most of the time, but is also developing a Push & Shove router for Kicad.” It will be very interesting to see what comes of this!

  2. So is this taxpayer funded? If-so, wonderful! A good example of research and development (from the likes of CERN) using our money in a way we can actually benefit from the results with no hidden gotchas. After-all, IMHO there’s nothing secret going on with this KiCad work (unlike Military stuff which often does require non-disclosure), Again, we’re paying for it…

  3. They attacked fancy stuff first (push&shove routing), Kicad biggest Achilles’s heel are Libraries, they are in such a mess…
    And i’m not talking about user created stuff (components/footprints), that is to be taken care of each individual/group, i’m talking about file/library parsing, editing does not work properly (delete part sometimes i.e.), the only sure thing that works is export/import, other is so finicky, does not load, cannot find part you created soo much mumbo jumbo there…

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