HexBugs dissected and modded

Posted on Sunday, February 24th, 2013 in hacks, open source, reversed, tutorials by the machinegeek

HexBugs are a product of Innovation Labs First, Inc. which retail for about $11 pretty much everywhere electronic gadgets are sold. They are a tiny robotic crawling device with a minimal ability to sense sound and proximity and react in a simplistic preprogrammed manner to avoid obstructions. As purchased, they have no provision for modding the bot’s firmware.

In this 8-part tutorial, the crew from Applied Inspirations spills the beans on the hardware and software they’ve developed for controlling these critters. They focus on the Original version of the HexBug, and dissect its innards, then proceed to explain their mods to the bug, adding a new PCB with PIC 12F675 8-pin MCU, a piezo buzzer, blinkable ‘Eye’, low battery detection, and light level detection. Their tutorial includes the schematic and code downloads in assembly and a Hex file.

Applied Inspirations also have PCB’s and related accessories for sale to assist in modding HexBugs.

Check it out!

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