TM220A pick and place unboxing

Posted on Friday, February 15th, 2013 in #liveupdates by DP


After dragging this crate up two flights of stairs it’s time to unbox the pick and place.


Top torn off with a crow bar.


Everything seems well packed. It’s obvious a screw or bolt is rattling around inside when pulling it out of the crate.


Chinese manual, bag of goodies.


Card reader, part placement tips, some tools, and SD card. The SD card is sealed ‘new’ inside the Kingston box, but has videos, Altium, and even Office 2003 on it.

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15 Responses to “TM220A pick and place unboxing”

  1. Nial Pearce says:

    Mmm Nice new toy!

  2. Sjaak says:

    Does the card come with free virus/malwares? :D

    • Ian says:

      My concern too, only used it in a linux laptop to transfer all the videos over the network :)

      • eLLi says:

        Is it actually a genuine Kingston card, or one of the (in)famous counterfeits?

      • Ian says:

        No way to really know, lots of holograms but that makes me more suspicious :) I know exactly how a preprogrammed card got into a sealed box though, I have seen it done over and over in several buildings in Shenzhen.

  3. Callen says:

    videos… like product demo videos, instructional videos, or are we talking more like home movies? Interesting what they call new these days. :)

  4. Ish says:

    I was thinking of buying a 3D printer, but now I’m confused! :(

  5. Sleepwalker3 says:

    It has Altium on it???

  6. Ian Lesnet says:

    Considering that the SD card was perfectly packaged as new and it has a dozen holograms, based on my experience in Shenzhen, it is 100% counterfeit.

  7. Crenn says:

    How much did that set you back?

    • Ian says:

      This one is $3600, including UPS.

      • KarlSchrunk says:

        > This one is $3600, including UPS.

        That’s quite a good deal. Any pointers on where we mere mortals might be able to order one?

      • Ian says:

        We’re placing a group order directly with the factory today. You have to be able to wire money to China though. Soon it will be at Seeed Studio or available here maybe :)

  8. Roberto says:

    Ian, what is factory name?

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